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Avoid holiday pet scams

online fraud,online holiday fraud,pet move,pet purchase,pet relocation,Pet scams,pet shipping,pet transporation November 23, 2015

Amid the Turkey Day sales and Black Friday blockbusters, don't forget that reputable breeders do NOT sell cheap pets online. Reputable rescue agencies do NOT require payments online. Protect yourself and learn how to avoid being duped by online pet scammers.


Licenses are now required before Singapore moves

pet import rules,pet move,pet relocation,pet shipping,pet transportation,Singapore November 10, 2015

Beginning Jan. 1, 2016, Singapore will require all dog owners to purchase an approved dog license before applying for an import permit. To apply for dog licenses, owners must have a Singapore residential address. Commercial addresses such as hotels and offices may not be used for this purpose. The issued license must then be attached as on of the supporting documents on the import permit application.

Our pet moving specialists are pet owners themselves. They know all the ever-changing requirements of the destinations they manage. Our specialists create a custom itinerary that details every step for each animal move.

You're never more than a phone call or email away from someone who knows exactly what is needed to safely fly your pet to another location. We helped Baylie's pet parent move her happy boxer from Tennessee to Singapore earlier this year.


Hot Weather Travel Embargoes

brachycephalic breed,mushy faced breed,pet relocation,pet transporation,pet travel embargo,pug nose dog,summer heat travel embargo May 21, 2015

Heat embargoes are in effect for many brachycephalic breeds (pugs, bulldogs and the like) during warm weather. Typically these breeds cannot travel from mid-April through mid-September on commercial airlines. The embargoes may last longer, depending upon the temperatures in the departure and destination airports. Air Animal offers this backgrounder for more information about moving your precious pug.

Depp's Dogs Deported from Australia

Australia,Depp dog deportation,Johnny Depp,pet import rules,pet relocation May 14, 2015

According to the Wall Street JournalJohnny Depp brought his two Yorkies into Australia illegally. Australian officials have given him until Saturday to get them out of the country or the pets will be euthanized. Before moving or traveling to Australia or other islands with your pets, call Air Animal. It may take six months or more to complete the steps needed to enter legally.

Canine influenza alert

Australia,canine influenza,flu,influenza,pet relocation,pet transportation,pet vaccination April 19, 2015

Air Animal Inc. is in Portugal for the TIRA and EuRA relocation conferences. Even so, we're monitoring pet health issues. We're writing to alert our friends there is a nationwide outbreak of flu in dogs which is a potentially dangerous and communicable respiratory disease. We urge pet owners who are traveling with or relocating their pets this summer to seriously consider vaccinating their dog for canine influenza. This is a preventable disease with vaccination. Pets relocating to Australia must be vaccinated for canine influenza before entry. --Dr. Walter Woolf, VMD

Australia Consolidates Animal Quarantine

Australia,pet import rules,pet relocation,pet transportation,quarantine March 27, 2015

Australia will consolidate all animal entry quarantine to its new facility in Melbourne at Mickelham Victoria beginning Oct. 16, 2015. Air Animal will advise all corporate and relocating pet owners booked into the older Eastern Creek facility after the closing date. We will post further updates here.

Animal import regulations change regularly, often on short notice, making Air Animal a welcome international relocation partner for your pet.

Rabies Antibody Test Now Required for UAE

February 19, 2015

Effective immediately, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) now requires a rabies antibody test (FAVN Blood Test) for pets entering the country. The blood draw for the test must be conducted a minimum of 21 days after the vaccination date of a valid rabies vaccine. The results of the rabies antibody test are valid for one year. Call us or go to the "Contact Us" page for help with your pet's move to the UAE.
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