Customer Testimonials

Some Love from Our Clients!

Our clients send us updates and pics when their pet friends arrive at their new home. Opening emails like these frankly makes our day. Enjoy!

Kissimmee, FL to London, England

International Pet Moves November 18, 2015

SpencerGood Morning Evelyn,I wanted to let you know that Spencer is already going into his beautiful new home that was delivered Monday evening by Marcus ( who was wonderful by the way....nothing was too much trouble he even had to take a large pool screen out of the enclosure because the crate wouldnt go through any of the doors)We could not be happier! The crate has been made beautifully we were very impressed with the finished articleWithin minutes Spencer actually just walked into the crate on his own...we couldn't believe it!Yesterday (Tuesday day 2) he went in and fell asleepToday (Day 3) we were in the garage just coming back from his walk and we said " Are you going to go to sleep in your room?" ...we finished what we were doing in the garage and then started looking for Spencer ...he was asleep in "his room"Thank you Thank you Evelyn I was so worried because he is a big dog and has never been in a crate but he LOVES it!His trainer is coming tomorrow to attempt to get him to go in the crate he is going to be in for a shock!From a very happy ownerElaine (Spencer's Mom)

Anchorage, AK to Denver, CO

Domestic Pet Moves November 12, 2015

Kenai Hi Kaleigh -Just wanted to check in and let you know that Kenai arrived safely in Denver and is now making himself at home with my parents.  In a few weeks, he and I will be off to St. Louis (driving) for my new job!  I cannot thank you enough for all of your help with this move.  My mom could tell by the way Kenai looked and was acting that he was well taken care of during his trip, and for that I am incredibly grateful.Forever thanks,Lauren & Kenai

San Antonio Tlayacapan Mexico to Marysville OH USA

International Pet Moves November 12, 2015

Lacey and Navarre Thanks for your help. Here's a picture of them when they just got out of their crates and were in my car at the airport, and one in our backyard today. Thanks again!Omar HebronEditor’s note: Many of our clients are relocating for work and their companies have recommended our pet moving services. Our pet moving specialists are pet owners themselves. They know all the ever-changing requirements of the destinations they manage. Our specialists create a custom itinerary that details every step for each animal move. You're never more than a phone call or email away from someone who knows exactly what is needed to safely fly your pet to another location.

Honolulu, HI to Mildenhall, UK

International Pet Moves,Military Pet Move November 12, 2015

LokiHello Jess,Just received an email from Mr. Dean. Loki arrived at Heathrow, is out of her kennel, is being fed and given water, and now the waiting for customs is happening. As soon they clear her they will update me again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help Air Animal Pet Movers is AMAZING!!!!! I will definitely use you guys once we PCS back to the states.Thank you againJohanna

Oregon, WI to Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Pet Moves November 12, 2015

McKinley Thank you Melissa,McKinley is happy and well.  It took me almost 3.5 hours to get through the whole process of releasing him.  was exhausting running from building to building finalizing papers to release him.  He was pretty happy to see us and  has settled in well. Thank you again.  We are pleased with our results.Jenny
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