Customer Testimonials

Some Love from Our Clients!

Our clients send us updates and pics when their pet friends arrive at their new home. Opening emails like these frankly makes our day. Enjoy!

New Orleans, Louisiana to Banff, United Kingdom

International Pet Moves May 8, 2017

Saffiyah, Bella, Molly, Tesla and Luna     My husband and I are really happy with the service provided by Air Animal Pet Movers. As we have quite a menagerie of 2 dogs & 3 cats the prospect of moving the furry family back to the UK was quite daunting. However, Cory and the team provided support at each stage of the process and kept us well informed of their health and happiness during their long journey (including pictures). They all arrived in good health and I was very happy with the service I received when I went to pick them up from Edinburgh airport.  I would thoroughly recommend the team and would certainly use them again if the need arose (although I am hoping we will be in the UK for some time). Thanks again to Cory and the Team. Kerry

Theodore, Georgia to Frankfurt, Germany

International Pet Moves April 17, 2017

Lucky     Hi Cory,Lucky has well arrived in Germany. I guess he and us were very relieved when he finally arrived.Thank you for the excellent job!Best regardsStephan

Tampa, Florida to Willingham, United Kingdom

International Pet Moves April 14, 2017

Redford     Jessica and her team at Air Animal were a pleasure to work with. Their competence and professionalism alleviated any concerns I had about transporting a dog overseas. They were flexible with schedule changes and appointment times; all I needed to do was show up. Jessica arranged to have the dog couriered to my final destination and he showed up on time, without any issues. I recommend Air Animal to anyone who does not wish to navigate the cumbersome process of getting your pet into a foreign country. Thanks for everything,Chris

Fontana, California to Perry Hall, Maryland

Domestic Pet Moves April 13, 2017

Jack Hi Maria,     Today was a crazy day with the movers and all of our belongings arriving.  However, I couldn't end the day without letting you know Jack arrived safely last night.  I can't thank you enough for coordinating Jack's move and walking us through this process!  We were all so excited to see him and he was just as excited/relieved to see us! Thanks again for making our move complete by ensuring our final family member arrived safely and was well taken care of!!  You made coordinating his move a breeze!Carrie  

Dallas, Texas to Kuwait City, Kuwait

International Pet Moves April 12, 2017

NefertitiHello ladies,     I want inform all of you of the successful delivery of Nefertiti. She happy and curious in her new home. I want thank all of you for your vital role in this transport. The process was so much easier than handling it on my own. Thank you Kimberly for giving us such a beautiful kitten. My wife is so happy to have her companion. Thank you Michelle for coordinating to ensure the travel was tracked and carried out properly. Thank you Alison for ensuring the process here went as smoothly as possible. We absolutely grateful and appreciate all of your efforts. Many many thanks!Sincerely Noah and Claire

Washington, D.C. to Kuala Lumpur

International Pet Moves March 21, 2017

Ripley     Hi Michelle,Ripley has arrived safe and sound!  We were at the airport to meet her and the import agent before she went into quarantine.  They even let us take her out for a walk.It seems as though she came out alright, just rather thirsty.We can't wait until she's allowed to come home next Tuesday.  Thank you for all of your help shipping her!Best regards,Gloria 

St. Petersburg, Florida and Frigiliana, Spain

International Pet Moves March 21, 2017

Oliver, Zelda, Pasta, and Gus          Dear Corey,I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write and thank you.  I know Rosalind sent a message saying all went well and the kitties arrived safe and seemingly unaffected by their journey.  Nevertheless, from my heart, I can't say enough wonderful things about Air Animal!!!  From beginning to end, working with you and all the good people associated with Air Animal was delightful, helpful and confidence inspiring.  I confess to being a little nervous about their layover in Germany.  Your trust in Lufthansa helped me control my anxiety and when I received the photos and detailed reports of their individual responses at the animal lounge any lingering concern disappeared immediately.  (When I tell people about their trip, more often than not, they say "I wish the airlines treated me so well"!!)We are all more or less settled in now and adjusting to the myriad of changes.  Perhaps the biggest change for all of us Floridians is the lack of central heating.  It can get pretty cold when the sun goes down but I've learned to build a nice fire and the cats seem to think it's just a new form of TV that has the added benefit of warmth and at bed time we all snuggle up together like peas in a pod.  (It may be the only time all four of them share the same real-estate without bickering.)  I've attached some photos Rosalind took shortly after the cats got here--at least I hope I did it right.  The Four Musketeers (Rosalind's nickname for the kitties) and I are grateful, thankful and content thanks to you and Air Animal.Best wishes always,Irene 
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