Customer Testimonials

Some Love from Our Clients!

Our clients send us updates and pics when their pet friends arrive at their new home. Opening emails like these frankly makes our day. Enjoy!

Boston, Massachusetts to Coruna, Spain

International Pet Moves February 17, 2017

Oscar     Billie,      Thank you for your continued support and prompt responses throughout Oscar's journey to Spain. You made what is a stressful situation not so stressful and put us at ease. Hopefully we won't have (to relocate and) use your services again, but if we do we will certainly use Air Animal!Thank you again and for your professionalism!Andra

Dublin-bound American: Kerry

International Pet Moves January 23, 2017

Kerry, an American short hair cat, likes to be held and kissed in small doses. His pet parents, Margo and Tom Moran, adopted him from the Cleveland Animal Protective League six years ago. Now he’s a world traveler and champion magpie-watcher living the high life in Dublin, Ireland.“Kerry loves to eat, so part of his diet is light food. He especially likes feather toys, chasing laser lights and ribbons,” says Tom who is an executive with an international power management company.A colleague recommended Tom call Air Animal after he accepted a corporate relocation to Dublin. Air Animal moved his friend’s dog from California to Dublin. He also researched Air Animal with CARTUS which handles his company’s relocations.“CARTUS was familiar with Air Animal and said some very good things about the service. I was a bit surprised about the complex process in moving a pet internationally. There are country regulations, airline requirements, packaging and labeling needs, veterinary needs and others. Air Animal did a great job helping us through each step of the processes. We chose the door-to-door service,” Tom recalled.Tom’s main concern had been about winter weather delays because Kerry changed planes in Newark, NJ in February. His pet mover Evelyn allayed his concerns by explaining the procedure for redirecting pets when bad weather hits. The move went without a hitch and Kerry was delivered to the Moran’s apartment after a short veterinary stop near the airport.“I firmly believe Kerry knew something about what was happening during the trip.  Being strictly an indoor kitty who has never been on a plane before, I am sure he was not particularly happy during the flights.  However, based on his calm demeanor upon arrival, I like to think that he knew he was just going through a location move, with the same parents on each end,” Tom said.“He visited me, used the cat box, ate, crawled under a quilt on my bed, and slept nearly continuously for eighteen hours.”

London, United Kingdom to Seattle, Washington

International Pet Moves January 16, 2017

WallaceWe have moved our giant Labrador Wallace from London to Seattle recently and the experience we had with Air Animal was amazing. This was Wallace's second flight of his life and we did the first flight from Toronto to London ourselves and it was really stressful. Having Air Animal with us for this move and helping us manage it was a night and day experience! They know their stuff and are thinking about any issues with the transfer from kennel size, border processing and details, timing with your schedule and flights, as well as your pets, to ensure everything runs smoothly and they can react and pivot when things change on your end to ensure your pet is supported and being thought about the whole time. They are on hand to answer any questions and are incredibly responsive (even late at night and across different time zones!) They understand the physical and emotional needs of the pet and made sure that Wallace had time to stretch and relax before getting on the plane and did everything they could to get him to us as quickly as possible on the other side. They gave us tips on how to prepare him before the flight and acclimate him once he has landed with check ins once he had settled in. I was definitely more worried than Wallace was in the end and thankfully I had nothing to worry about :) Your animal is in excellent hands with this service and well worth the investment for your peace of mind and their comfort and safety! Thanks so much you guys xx!

Niles, Illinois to Chiangmai, Thailand

International Pet Moves January 16, 2017

Max and Boddhi The girls have finally arrived home safe and sound.  They look great.  There has been a lot of waving and even a lot of snuggling.  I would really like to thank you all for all the wonderful care they received and all the effort that went into getting them home to us.  It's not hard to tell that they were well cared for, they are very happy birds.  Michelle- We can't begin to express our gratitude.  A special commendation for Boat and the young man who brought the girls ( and previously Finn) to us!We hope you all have a wonderful holiday, we certainly will now. Thank you again,Rick and Patty

Tampa, Florida to St. Kitts in the Caribbean

International Pet Moves January 12, 2017

CreampuffHi, Ritzy,Just letting you know that Creampuff received his import permit and is ready to travel to St. Kitts. Thank you and Dr. Woolf for all you help for making this process so smooth and enjoyable. You guys are so pleasant to work with. We will definitely see you in the future!Take care! Celine & Creampuff

Ft. Myers, Florida to Norfolk, United Kingdom

International Pet Moves December 15, 2016

Bubba  We were getting stressed out trying to get our cat Bubba to the U.K with us, then we found Air Animal Pet Movers on the Internet. We went to Tampa and met with Charrisse who put at ease straight away. We chose the door to door service and Charrisse talked us through the whole process reassuring us all the time that Bubba would be well taken care of,at the end of the meeting we were feeling a lot more relaxed. In the weeks that followed Charrisse kept us informed of all that was happening, and helped us with the vet appointments, Charrise also gave us her phone number so we could call and talk to her over the weekends if we had any questions or concerns.  We believe Charrisse went above and beyond excellence in taking care of us and especially our cat Bubba, we thank her so very much for everything and would highly recommend anyone looking to move their pet with Air Animal Pet Movers meet with Charrisse, she will put them at ease.                Thanking you Vialanda
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