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Air Animal joins PAIMA

pet move,pet relocation,pet shipping service,pet transporation November 10, 2015

Air Animal Pet Movers was introduced as one of 15 new members of Pan American International Movers Association at the organization's 2015 San Diego conference. 


Tampa Pet Mover IDs International Corporate Officers

corporate relocation,PCS move,pet move,pet moving service,pet shipping service,pet transport,pet transportation service September 6, 2015

Air Animal Inc., an international pet mover based in Tampa, FL, announced new international leadership posts responding to double-digit revenue and business growth during the last three fiscal years.

Walter Woolf, VMD, Air Animal’s founder, continues leading the pet transportation service. Andrea Woolf Parker, accounts payable manager and former board president for the Southeastern Regional Relocation Council, has been named executive vice president. Ron Parker, formerly a business line manager for Manheim, has joined the company as vice president of financial affairs. Linda Fries Woolf continues as corporate secretary.

“I started the company in 1977 after helping several airlines in Tampa move pets. The experience opened my eyes to the growing need for a pet transportation service focused exclusively on the complex requirements for moving pets domestically and abroad. That’s when I turned my part-time consulting into a new pet moving service line for my veterinary practice,” Woolf said.

In fiscal 2015 Air Animal will move 3,000 pets to new homes throughout the U.S. and worldwide with pet relocation partners all over the globe. A privately held corporation, Air Animal expects to exceed its 20 percent growth target this year. Nearly 60 percent of Air Animal’s business comes through relationships with corporate relocation companies.

Air Animal’s team insists on pet transportation perfection. The company is an International Air Transportation Association air cargo agency endorsed and appointed by more than 225 airlines. Air Animal created safe and enjoyable relocation experiences for pets and their owners by developing humane animal shipping policies used today by many of the world’s major airlines. Air Animal helped set the standards for the growing pet moving industry by becoming one of six founders of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association in 1979.

“Moving pets is not a low cost endeavor because the flights, rules, regulations and arrangements are often complex,” Woolf said. “Pet parents and corporate relocation executives know our reputation and pay well for the expertise we offer.”

Air Animal’s extensive network rescued a corporate client’s beloved Yorkie from Libya after the executive pet owner evacuated following the Arab Spring uprising. “I don’t usually meet our pet parents today, let alone transport a pet. When Chivu arrived in Tampa, he traveled with me in cabin to Cancun, Mexico. I’ve never seen so many happy tears when his family met me at baggage claim,” he said.


Florida rain deluges cause mosquito-borne animal diseases, too

animal diseases,encephalitis,Florida rain,heart worm,Mosquitoes August 26, 2015

Florida media are warning about the issues of standing water and the prevalence of mosquitoes in the soggy Tampa Bay area. Dr. Walter Woolf, Tampa veterinarian and managing director of Air Animal Pet Movers, has watched this annual summertime story appear for 55 years with some dismay.

“The news warnings only rarely address the mosquito-bite danger for animals—especially our dogs and horses,” he said.

The massive mosquito hatches caused by standing rain water are a significant risk for animals. Pet dogs, an occasional cat, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, raccoons may become infected with Diofilaria immitis from mosquito bites. In dogs, this organism causes heartworm disease which is totally preventable today. Owners who are not giving heartworm medicine to their dogs should see their veterinarians immediately and ask for a heartworm exam and blood test. Then, they should regularly use the heartworm treatment recommended.

“Pet owners who do not prevent heartworm often excuse their behavior saying, ‘my pet never goes outside.’ That’s pretty hard to believe here in Florida,” said Woolf. “What they really mean is their dog does not live outdoors. Any animal can be bitten by an infected mosquito at any time.”

The mosquito hatch may also spread Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (EEE), also known as Sleeping Sickness, in horses. This naturally occurring bird virus spills over into the horse population during heavy rains when mosquitoes bite infected birds and then bite horses. EEE is prevented by vaccinating horses every year—similar to the flu vaccination program for people. Many horse owners include yearly vaccinations for EEE in their yearly Equine Wellness programs.

“Whatever the species--human, canine, equine--the mosquito does not discriminate what it bites for its blood meal...the only food of the adult mosquito,” Woolf said.


Luxury Pet Lounge to Open in NYC

pet move,pet relocation,pet transportation July 22, 2015

New, luxury pet lounges: big news for pet parents. 

Check out this article about the ARK, a $48 million luxury lounge being built at JFK airport in New York City. Air Animal’s pet move specialists are looking forward to offering this amenity to our clients and their pet parents both inbound and outbound from the U.S.

Corporate Relocation

corporate relocation,pet move,pet transport May 14, 2015

By Cathy Jenns

We’ve moved lots of older pets and dogs with medical conditions. Duke is a huge great dane. When he moved from California to South Carolina, his size, age and older digestive system were an issue. The veterinarian community calls the malady droopy butt.

Duke would not fit in a pre-made travel kennel. We arranged an experienced crew to drive him across country so he could lay comfortably on some blankets and travel in style. He arrived healthy and happy.

We have an extensive network of transportation professionals who are members of IPATA. They know the rules and more importantly, they love pets. Some of our partners may also be vets or have boarding kennels.

Communication is key for corporate relocations. We don’t rely on emails. We call and speak with you or we’ll work through your corporate relocation specialist.

Last month, we moved an Alaskan malamute to Orlando.

Contact us to find out more if you’re being reassigned.


Service Animal Suit Against Uber

pet move,pet transport,service dogs,Uber,USA Today April 27, 2015

The National Federation of the Blind of California has filed suit combining 40 complaints that Uber drivers have violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by refusing to transport blind passengers and their guide dogs.

A California judge ruled the suit can go forward. Jelisa Castrodale, USA Today, wrote that Uber is supposed to “deactivate” drivers who discriminate against any potential passengers. Hooray for rules, regulations, and a rational and caring judge.
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