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Solving DIY Pet Move Snafus

Delta Airlines,DIY,pet move,pet relocation,pet transportation April 1, 2016

Air Animal Pet Movers has hundreds of satisfied clients who planned their do it yourself pet moves only to be told last minute their airline recently changed its policies about pet transportation. If that happens, don’t panic. Grab your phone and call Air Animal.

Air Animal has moved over 100,000 pets for relocating families moving around the globe. Recent relocations included English bulldogs, a quarter horse, a turtle and several guinea pigs in addition to dogs and cats. Air Animal is an IATA-appointed and endorsed air cargo sales agency working with all airlines that move live animals who are also members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. That assures our clients that we will work diligently to find the best combination of flights to fly pets to their owners safely and securely.
Joe moved from Texas to Ecuador with Air Animal after his owner checked three pet transporter companies.

Air Animal is an indirect air carrier cleared for pickup and delivery of live animals by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. That means, Air Animal proudly offers our a variety of pet moving services across the U.S. and to 163 countries.

Air Animal is a founding member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association and a member of the Animal Transportation Association and International Air Transportation Association which are baselines for reputable pet transporters.

“Airline ticket sales people are not pet move specialists,” advises Dr. Walter Woolf, Air Animal’s veterinarian founder. “They will quote $600 for a pet move, but that price really doesn’t exist because the airline can’t fly your pet on that particular flight. There are many reasons for that. The important thing our “rush DIYers” learn is we know exactly what flights will work and we can make it work—sometimes within seven days depending on their destination.”

Depend on Air Animal’s professional pet move specialists to help you make new arrangements and get your best friend to you as quickly and safely as possible if you:
• Misunderstood the destination country’s specific requirements, or
• Booked on Delta or another airline that changed your pet’s flight arrangements.

So take a deep calming breath and give us a call. We’ll take it all on. Pet moving made easy®. That’s our passion, our promise and your peace of mind.

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Jetting to Rome and taking Fifi

cruise,international pet move,pet move,pet transportation,pet travel February 29, 2016

Pet moving tips

Air Animal Pet Movers®, the Tampa, Florida pet moving service, helps pet owners safely relocate their pets across the U.S. and around the world. Most of our clients are corporate transferees moving to new job opportunities.

While Air Animal is not involved in vacation and leisure travel arrangements, more pet owners than ever fly with their pets to grandma's house for the holidays or to vacation spots. So, we'll share some of our expertise for the vacation travelers.

Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead! Countries outside the continental United States, very clearly define their requirements for pet entry. Import permits, blood tests, specific health certificates, and a myriad of details are frequently necessary before pets can enter.

Many cruise ship vacationers call Air Animal seeking assistance with pet health certificates for international cruising. Each island country where these ships dock have very specific health certificate protocols which must be followed exactly. Air Animal and its documentation staff are familiar with these rules and regulations. Call Air Animal's documentation specialist, Emily Scian, at extension 200 for information about our international pet health certificate program.
Homeland Security and the TSA have suggestions for people traveling with their small pets.

If you plan to travel with your pet over the holidays, it's wise to plan ahead with the airline on which you are ticketed to fully understand their policies about pets in the passenger cabin during peak travel times. Consult the origin and destination airport websites to identify the useful information on their pet services and a map to find their Service Animal Relief Areas (SARAs). SARAs make traveling a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

Before traveling long distances by air or car, our veterinarian founder Dr. Walter Woolf recommends reducing food intake by 50 percent starting several days before travel. Allow pets access to fresh water and outdoor exercise. Reducing food intake is beneficial and will prevent those unfortunate accidents which may occur with changes of water and food sources.


Pet lovers scammed by fraudsters

dog breeder,pet move,pet scams,pet transport,puppy scam February 25, 2016

Pet transportation client

Internet identity theft and money scams have gotten lots of press over the holiday. The fraud doesn’t stop after the holiday sales stop. The number of phone and online pet purchase and pet rescue scams is increasing every year.

Commit these three red-flag scenarios to memory:

1. Using the internet to purchase a pure-bred dog, cat, parakeet or other animal is not just unwise, it opens up the potential of identity theft. There is no such thing as a pure-bred pet for $200.

2. Sending money for pets by wire makes money disappear, but it’s not magic. Reputable breeders open their doors to prospective pet owners and are registered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ask to see the USDA registration number and check it online. It’s wise to visit, see the facility and get to know the breeder before purchasing a pet.

3. Air Animal has helped thousands of families relocate with their pets since 1977. Unfortunately, scammers copy logos of reputable pet movers like Air Animal, paste them into fraudulent documents and use them to steal from unsuspecting pet lovers. We do not move animals for pet rescues or breeders. Any person or organization selling or “rescuing” animals and requesting relocation fees for “Air Animal” is a scam.

Learn how to report pet purchase fraud to the FBI and see more resources.


Ovarian cancer detecting dog sponsored by Air Animal

community service,Ovarian cancer,pet move,pet relocation,pet shipping service February 8, 2016

Ovarian cancer detecting dog
We love pets. That's why we're in the pet moving business and why our community service is about pets and people.

Air Animal sponsors Tsunami, a very special German shepherd working dog at the Penn Vet center. Tsunami is an ovarian cancer detective. She and a few other dogs detect ovarian cancer 90 percent of the time. Penn Vet is using the dogs' abilities to create a hand-held electronic sniffer that is as accurate as the dogs' sensitive noses.

Tsunami and her pals were recently featured on "Dr. Oz." That's Tsunami in the middle photo. Learn more about this lifesaving effort.


CDC amps animal import enforcement

animal diseases,international pet move,pet moving service,pet shipping service,pet transport November 24, 2015

The Centers for Disease Control has detected a recent spike in improperly vaccinated dogs imported into the U.S. from countries with actively spreading or controlled rabies infection. Worldwide, most cases of human rabies are caused by rabies-infected dogs. The CDC has asked commercial airlines to help contain inadequately vaccinated dogs before they enter the country. The CDC has more information about rabies vaccination for pets.


Air Animal supports Rotary cause

community service,pet move,pet relocation,pet shipping service,pet transportation,Rotary,Thanksgiving November 23, 2015

Air Animal supported Tampa Interbay Rotary Club's Cycling Out Autism fundraiser. The $25,000 proceeds went to autism research and treatment at University of South Florida Center for Autism & Related Disabilities and the Applied Behavior Analysis Program. Learn more

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