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Is Your Pet Fit to Fly?

domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transportation,international pet shipping,international pet transport,Pet Deaths on Planes,Pets on a Plane June 7, 2018

Taking your pet on a plane? No matter if your pet is flying cargo or cabin, make sure your pet is fit to fly--especially if your fur baby is a first time flyer. Our founder, Walter M. Woolf, VMD, gave useful tips to pet owners to WTSP-TV news reporter Josh Sidorowicz.

Pets on a Plane

Three important take-aways

  1. Take your pet to a veterinarian for a check-up before the flight
  2. Get a pet health certificate
  3. Avoid sedating your pet. Sedation  slows breathing. 40% of pet deaths in the air result from breathing issues.

Limited Access to Guam

domestic pet transportation,move my dog to Guam,pet shipping service,pet transportation June 5, 2018

United Airlines is the only carrier serving Guam which moves pets. United has restricted its PetSafe program to specific breeds of small and medium-sized cats and dogs. Learn more.


United PetSafe Announces New Policies

domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transportation,international pet shipping,international pet transport,PetSafe,United Airlines May 30, 2018

(May 30, 2018)--United Airlines has announced new policies and customer requirements for pet air transport that take effect June 18, 2018. The full details of the policy, created in consultation with American Humane, are on United’s PetSafe website.

PetSafe service will be limited to cats and dogs that fit in a crate no more than 30” in height.  Dogs that need larger crates will not be accepted. The list of breeds that will not be accepted as PetSafe has also been expanded. Reservations for pets traveling on the same flight as their pet parent will resume June 18, 2018. Reservations for pets traveling alone will resume July 16, 2018.

Rules and regulations for traveling or shipping pets are different for every country and every airline. Pet moving experts like Air Animal are your best recourse to reduce the stress of decoding all the rules. Use our easy online form to request an estimate for your pet’s relocation.


EuRA Recognizes Woolfs as Exceptional Partners

corporate relocation,domestic pet transport,international pet shipping,pet transportation May 2, 2018

The Executive Group of EuRA, the European Relocation Association, surprised Air Animal founder Dr. Walter Woolf and his wife Linda with the Exceptional Partnership Award during its annual meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

"Loving, loyal and longevity. Three words that come to mind when we think of the recipients," Michelle Bramstoft, EuRA Northern Region, told the assembled members.

"Visionaries of their time, founders of professional associations who have also fostered industry alliances," added Isabel Cudel, EuRA Sothern Region. "Both are blessed with partners in business and in life--who are the bubbles in their champagne."

The EuRA Executive Group recognized Walter and Linda for their commitment and loyalty to each other and to the EuRA family.

“Air Animal joined EuRA in 2008 and we regularly participate in their information-sharing conferences," said Dr. Woolf. "Funny story. We had no idea we were being recognized, and we chose to sit in one of the side banquet rooms with EuRA friends so we could talk more easily. When they called our name, we didn’t hear it! Linda and I were floored to be recognized.”


When Can Puppies Travel?

international pet shipping,international pet transport,pet transportation,pet transportation service,puppy travel April 25, 2018

One of our Facebook friends who recently moved overseas asked if she’d be able to bring her new puppy back to the U.S.

According to Centers for Disease Control regulations, puppies can enter the U.S. if they are at least four months old. They must be vaccinated against rabies at three months and at least 30 days before their flights. The import and vaccination documents must be in English. The puppy may also have to be quarantined at the residence. According to new U.S. Department of Agriculture rules, puppies entering the U.S. for resale or adoption must now meet all those requirements and must be at least six months old and receive a special permit.


2018 Video Podcasts Live

domestic pet transport,international pet shipping,pet transportation,pet transportation service April 25, 2018

Our first four video podcasts are live on our YouTube channel. Walter Woolf, VMD, shares pet transportation tips cautioning against tranquilizing pets, what to do before moving to Mexico with pets, and special arrangements that may need to be made when moving large pets. He also discloses how clients can reap big benefits by using Air Animal’s new mobile pet moving app.


USDA Changes Rules for Importing Dogs

international pet shipping,international pet transport,pet transportation,pet transportation service,USDA pet import April 25, 2018

The US Department of Agriculture issued new guidelines for those importing dogs for commercial resale or adoption. Under the Animal Welfare Act regulations, individuals and businesses (including non-profit organizations) must obtain a permit to import a dog into the United States for resale or adoption purposes. A new FAQ  explains the federal requirements, exemptions and provides contact information for additional information.

Air Animal does not work with people selling pets on the Internet. We provide this information solely as a public service for our readers. If you purchased a pet on the Internet, you may have been scammed. Learn more.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese crested dog,Chinese New Year,domestic pet transport,pet transportation service,shipping a dog March 15, 2018

It’s the Year of the Dog

The dog is the 11th of 12 Chinese Zodiac symbols. In Chinese culture, your zodiac sign can be used to determine your fortune for the year, marriage compatibility, career fit, best times to have a baby and more. Ancient Chinese legend holds that the Jade Emperor decreed the earthly calendar would be represented by 12 animals, and he ordered the beasts and birds of the world come to a party at the palace. The first dozen animals to arrive became the Chinese Zodiac.

Our cover girl is Missy, a Chinese crested who moved across the U.S.  She's now a California blonde.
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