Irma Recovery

Safe and Sound - Air Animal Pet Movers is pleased to advise all parties of the return of its Orlando staff, Manager - Michelle Ramos and Admin Asst Ligia Gjoni from their temporary relocation to its Tampa offices post-Hurricane Irma. Air Animal Orlando is open for business as promised. Thank you Orlando Utilities and Spectrum.


Move Your Pet China

Leave the details to us!

Pet entry into the Peoples Republic of China can be arduous, complicated, and confusing.

Each city and each province in China has its own set of rules and regulations for pet ownership. Pet entry into China and its various cities is actually controlled by the person or company from whom you rent your apartment, townhouse, or home.

Pets entering Beijing require a mandatory 30-day quarantine. You may not visit your pet in quarantine. Pets entering Shanghai require a mandatory 7-day quarantine. Entering through Hong Kong is a quarantine-free alternative.

When contemplating relocating to China for an employment assignment, Air Animal's experienced pet move specialists can assist you with the intricacies of this move. Pet moving made easy®. That's our focus. It's our passion.

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