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The health certificate should be in English for ease of entry. There is no requirement for microchip identification. Entry into the U.S. is easy because there is no quarantine or dogs or cats and no import permit required.

Planning and preparation for your pet to return to return home with you is littered with rules, regulations and complex timelines. Let Air Animal Pet MoversĀ® deal with the details.

When Fifi entered the U.S. for a brief visit with family members, the family found the return to South Africa fraught with an import permit, a mandatory expensive air cargo shipment and five distinct blood tests required. Even worse it all had to be completed within 30 days of reentry, along with a USDA-endorsed international health certificate.

Experienced UK nationals have grown familiar with the UK DEFRA pet travel scheme and easily visit the USA for California and Florida holidays with their pet dogs or cats.

For pets entering the USA:

Call us early to help you with your return trip. Pet moving made easy®. That's our focus. It's our passion.

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