Irma Recovery

Safe and Sound - Air Animal Pet Movers is pleased to advise all parties of the return of its Orlando staff, Manager - Michelle Ramos and Admin Asst Ligia Gjoni from their temporary relocation to its Tampa offices post-Hurricane Irma. Air Animal Orlando is open for business as promised. Thank you Orlando Utilities and Spectrum.

Pet Travel Rabies

Pet Travel Rabies

The Risk of Exposure

Pet owners need to be concerned about rabies when traveling outside the U.S. Pets are vaccinated to prevent them from acquiring the disease from wildlife and transmitting it to humans. Air Animal will be happy to advise you and your veterinarian of the rabies vaccination requirements for your intended destination.

Rabies and the rabies-like viruses can occur in animals anywhere in the world.

Dog rabies is common in the developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Tens of thousands of animals die of the disease each year in these countries.

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