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Kissimmee, FL to London, England

International Pet Moves November 18, 2015


Good Morning Evelyn,

I wanted to let you know that Spencer is already going into his beautiful new home that was delivered Monday evening by Marcus ( who was wonderful by the way....nothing was too much trouble he even had to take a large pool screen out of the enclosure because the crate wouldnt go through any of the doors)
We could not be happier! The crate has been made beautifully we were very impressed with the finished article
Within minutes Spencer actually just walked into the crate on his own...we couldn't believe it!
Yesterday (Tuesday day 2) he went in and fell asleep
Today (Day 3) we were in the garage just coming back from his walk and we said " Are you going to go to sleep in your room?" ...we finished what we were doing in the garage and then started looking for Spencer ...he was asleep in "his room"
Thank you Thank you Evelyn I was so worried because he is a big dog and has never been in a crate but he LOVES it!
His trainer is coming tomorrow to attempt to get him to go in the crate he is going to be in for a shock!

From a very happy owner
Elaine (Spencer's Mom)

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