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Air Animal Recommends Canine Flu Vaccine Before Travel

canine influenza,dog flu,international pet shipping,international pet transportation,New Zealand March 15, 2018

(March 15, 2018) – The Ides of March are not being kind to pet owners relocating or traveling to New Zealand with their dogs. The island country’s import protocol takes 4 to 7-months. This week, New Zealand began refusing dogs unless the import documents prove Fluffy has been vaccinated for canine influenza.

Penny and Bella move to New
Zealand from Minneapolis, MN
Air Animal urges all pet owners to vaccinate their dogs against canine influenza before travel of any kind.

"Dog flu is easily prevented by visiting your veterinarian for two doses of the canine flu vaccine,” said Dr. Walter Woolf, VMD, Air Animal's veterinarian founder. “The first vaccination provides partial immunity. The second vaccination given about two weeks later is a booster which gives stronger protection."

According to Woolf, New Zealand and other countries now requiring dog flu vaccination usually accept a recent booster shot if the documents show full previous immunization and the booster administration date.

There are two types of canine influenza vaccines. Ask your veterinarian which she recommends.
Zoetis – Vanguard CIV H3N2/H3N8 – 2 vaccinations, 3 weeks apart. Considered fully vaccinated 7 days after the second shot.
Merck – Nobivac CIV H3N2/H3N8 – 2 vaccinations, 2 weeks apart.  Considered fully vaccinated 14 days after the second shot.

Flu in dogs is potentially dangerous and a very communicable respiratory disease. Dogs that come down with the flu develop fevers and coughs that last one to three weeks. You may notice decreased appetite, lethargy and a greenish discharge from the nose and eyes. Some dogs develop higher fevers and pneumonia. Severe flu cases can cause death.

If you’re traveling with your dog--especially to an overseas destination--this ounce of prevention really is better than a pound of cure.
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