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Indefinite British Airways Cargo Embargo TPA to LGW

international pet shipping,international pet transportation,UK pet importation April 14, 2017

(April 14, 2017) British Airways has stopped all cargo shipments from Tampa International Airport to London Gatwick Airport indefinitely. 

This change affects all pet moves from Tampa to London. Air Animal will post updates to our alerts when TPA to LGW air cargo service resumes. In the meantime, Air Animal clients will use our Orlando office and fly on one of two daily flights direct from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Gatwick.

After reading about the stoppage online, Air Animal founder, Dr. Walter Woolf said, "All hiccups can be managed with enough creativity and experience. That's why Pet Moving Made Easy is our motto."

If you are planning a pet move from west central Florida to the UK, please plan ahead and book early.
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