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Snub-nosed breed flights limited by Air New Zealand

brachycephalic breed,mushy faced breed,pet import rules,pet move,pet relocation,pet shipping,pet transporation January 18, 2016

Air New Zealand Cargo has limited pet transport to non-stop flights of five hours or less for snub-nosed animals such as Boston terriers and Persian cats. If you're relocating to New Zealand,  Air Animal's expert pet movers can help you navigate New Zealand's import rules.

Air New Zealand made the change saying brachycephalic breeds are more susceptible to respiratory problems and heat stress. The airline and Air Animal's priority is the safety and wellbeing of animals we transport. Animals accepted for travel must comply with IATA live animal regulations and be accompanied by owner acknowledgement and indemnity forms.

Breeds included in the limitation are:

Bulldog (All breeds)
Boston Terrier
Boxer (All breeds)
Brussels Griffon
Mastiff (All breeds)
Cane Corso
Chow Chow
Dogue de Bordeaux
English Toy Spaniel
Japanese Chin
Lhasa Apso
Pit bull
Presa Canario
Pug (All breeds)

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