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Aero: New Guide Dog on the Job

Aero,Air Animal Charity,Southeastern Guide Dogs October 19, 2022

Chris Adams was born with congenital cataracts that led to glaucoma, scarring, corneal transplants and retinal issues beginning in her early 20s. For the past two decades, her vision went steadily downhill, and how on the “good days,” she can only see a little in her right eye. She had gone back to college to get a degree in elementary education so she could teach, but her eyesight became too limited and that didn’t seem possible. Nevertheless, she lived alone and felt mostly independent, except for one issue—she hated using a white cane.

That led to the decision to get her first guide dog, Liberty. With Liberty, Chris was able to run errands by herself and felt less reliant on her mother to be a sighted guide. After Liberty retired two years ago and went to Maine to live with Chris’s daughter, she found it difficult to live without a guide dog.

Now Chris is paired with a lovely new guide dog names Aero. “I am me again!” she says enthusiastically. “I’m not off on the sidelines of life anymore.” A wonderful companion, Aero is well-behaved, smart, and “a total snuggle bunny.” Like her handler, she loves to interact with people. Chris looks forward to their travels together and says happily, “We’re getting ready to get out there and be part of the world.”

Aero is sponsored thanks to the generosity of Air Animal Pet Movers who have helped 50,000 families and counting relocate their pets since 1977, most of which are on board commercial airlines. Naming this future superhero Aero aligns perfectly with their business.

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Chris Adams & Aero