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Air Animal Recommends Ehrlichia Pre-Test Before Pet Moves to Australia & New Zealand

international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transportation,move my dog to Australia,PCS move August 13, 2020

Australia and New Zealand require dogs to test negative for Ehrlichia canis before entering the countries. This tick-borne disease is not contagious to people.

“Ehrlichia canis, the tick borne disease, has emerged recently across the globe, as tick populations normally surge from time to time,” said Dr. Walter M. Woolf, Air Animal founder and USDA-accredited veterinarian.

Air Animal highly recommends clients relocating their dog to Australia or New Zealand start the six-month pre-move process with an Ehrlichia canis screening pre-test if they now live in areas with past or present tick infestations. They also recommend immediately beginning monthly flea and tick prevention.

"If clients wait to test when the obligatory Ehrlichia canis blood draw is required within 45 days of export, there just isn’t time to complete medical treatments and re-testing if the dog tests positive due to exposure. 

“The early Ehrlichia canis blood test and the required rabies antibody test can be drawn during the same veterinary visit at the beginning of the six month pet relocation timeline," said Woolf.

Harper, Labrador retriever, Washington to New Zealand
Harper, Labrador retriever, Washington to New Zealand