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Air Animal Recommends Ehrlichia Pre-Test Before Pet Moves to Australia & New Zealand

international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transportation,move my dog to Australia,PCS move November 27, 2019

Australia bars dogs that test positive for Ehrlichia canis. This tick-borne disease is not contagious to people yet is related to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in humans.

“Ehrlichia has surged in animal populations because tick populations surge every seven years,” said Dr. Walter M. Woolf, Air Animal founder and USDA-certified veterinarian.

Air Animal now recommends their clients start the six-month pre-move process for both Australia and New Zealand with an Ehrlichia antigen test. The test is especially important for pets residing in the U.S. for six months before moving on to another country such as Australia or New Zealand. Pets that test positive can then complete the treatments necessary for them to relocate and enter Australia and New Zealand’s normal 10-day quarantine.

“If the first test is positive, a 30-day treatment using Imizol (imidocarb), doxycycline and tick prevention usually reduces the antigen to acceptable levels. A second confirmatory blood test is required within 45 days of pet export. If clients wait to test the antigen 45 days before the move, there just isn’t time to complete the treatments and re-test the pet.” Woolf said.

Harper, Labrador retriever, Washington to New Zealand
Harper, Labrador retriever, Washington to New Zealand

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