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Australia Considering Rules Changes, UK & EU Update Rabies Rules

Australia pet import changes,international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transport,UK & EU rabies requirements November 21, 2022

Australia, the United Kingdom and the European Union are popular relocation destinations. All have made or are considering significant pet import rule changes.

Australia is considering increasing it's 10-day pet quarantine to 30 days. They may also require 180-day minimum residency in the origin country. Both changes will goes into effect in 2023 if approved.

The UK and EU have both updated their rabies vaccination policies. To enter with a pet you must show proof of a current rabies vaccination:

  • The first vaccination after microchipping or any lapse in coverage is a “primary” vaccination and only valid for one year under the new rules--even if the pet received a three-year vaccine.
  • If the primary lapses—even by one day--you must start over.
  • If your pet receives its booster before the primary lapses, it is valid for one to three years depending on the vaccine manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Pet parents are required to prove there was no lapse in rabies vaccination coverage since the primary vaccination.

Want to simplify your paperwork?

Air Animal clients can keep track of vaccination certificates by uploading them to their Air Animal Pet Portal accounts.

Or you might ask your veterinarian to scan your pet’s microchip and give your pet a one-year rabies vaccination at least 21 days but less than one year before your UK travel date. That way, no matter the rabies vaccination history, you only have to keep up with one vaccination certificate instead of several.

After you move:

Please register with a local veterinarian to keep your pet's rabies vaccination up to date. Veterinarians typically send reminder notices when vaccinations are due. If another move is in your future, you and your pet will be ready.

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