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COVID-19 Pet Moving FAQ

COVID 19,COVID FAQ,domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transport,international pet shipping,international pet transport,pet moving FAQ April 10, 2020

I’m relocating soon. Will I be able to move my pet in April, May or June?Many of the world’s passenger airlines (Air Animals carriers) are not accepting pet air cargo bookings, owing to markedly fewer flights. The passenger airlines will restore passenger service first, followed by pet air cargo bookings later.

What happens if my pet’s air cargo booking and/or its flight is cancelled?
The disruption across the world caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus has affected everyone and everything in our world. Deaths, illness, workplace changes, working from home, layoffs, furloughs, and global supply chain alterations are many effects of the viral pandemic.

When a passenger flight is cancelled for any reason, any booked air cargo shipments cancel, including your pets booking. Similar to a passenger reservation, an air cargo booking is not a guarantee of a flight.

Air Animal’s dedicated pet move managers who you are working with (or you choose to employ) along with our 43 + years of pet moving & air cargo experience and our global network of trusted service partners, will provide you with custom logistics solutions to reunite you with your beloved pets.

Will my pet be able to accompany me in the passenger compartment of my light, rather than as an air cargo shipment?
Pets flying as “cabin baggage” on your international flight are controlled by the rules & regulations of your relocation destination country, as well as the passenger airlines acceptance policies.

When will global pet transportation and its supply chain return to pre-COVID-19 availability?
The truth be told, Air Animal does not know. We are cautiously optimistic of the return of airline flights and air cargo capacities trough the 2nd quarter (April, May, June) and into the 3rd quarter (July, August, September)

Why does information on my pet’s air cargo transport change continuously and frequently at the last minute. 
COVID-19 is an emerging virus with pandemic (global) spread. Advisories from WHO, the CDC, the USDA and many entities across the globe, learning more and more each day, results in continual updates to governments, airlines, freight forwarders, and pet transport companies.

Should I have contact with my pet(s) if I have been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive?
If you been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive or have suggestive symptoms, CDC has posted guidelines for you to follow.

I recently received an e mail allegedly from CDC explaining how I can rescue a dog from “quarantine." How should I respond?
 Please, Do NOT respond to imposters, scam artists, and bogus persons who are praying on both your emotions and your pocketbooks. You’ve heard this before…should you NOT know the sender, do not reply. Be Internet safe.

I’m thinking of purchasing and/or adopting a pet from another state or another country.  Is Air Animal able to assist me in the transport of my purchase and/or adoption?
While buying or rescuing a pet online sounds great, getting the pet to you is not inexpensive. Transport capacity for adopted pets is limited during the COVID-19 lock down. You might consider these options.

Our priority is the wellbeing of our clients, our employees and your pets entrusted to our care during these challenging times. We’re operating remotely from our homes to protect our employees and serve our clients. Temporarily, our hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Please stay in touch with Air Animal through the web site where Live Chat is available. We appreciate your patience. Our thoughts are with you and your family as we all work to stay safe and healthy through this worldwide health crisis.

Please note should you have relocated, are living in your relocation destination country, and have left your pet with a co-worker, family member, friend, veterinary practice, pet care facility, etc.. You do not have to be present in the origin country to originate the pet’s air cargo shipment.
Air Animal’s 43 + years of pet moving experience and its IATA air cargo appointment and endorsement since 1989 will be of benefit to you and your pet as we work together in the safe, humane and professional transport of your four-legged family member.

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