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Current Rabies Shot Required Before Buying Tickets

flying with my pet,international pet travel,pet travel,traveling with my pet May 13, 2022

Taking your precious small pet in the cabin with you on vacation? Before buying your plane tickets to any destination outside the continental U.S., check these things off your list.

  1. Is the rabies vaccination valid? 
    • If your pet's rabies vaccination lapsed, you cannot obtain the required pet health certificate. Most countries require a 30-day wait after vaccination before arrival.
  2. Does the country permit in-cabin pet arrival? 
    • The European Union permits in-cabin arrivals with appropriate permissions. The United Kingdom only permits pet arrival by air cargo. Check our resources menu for information on the rules for many destinations.
  3. Check out our page about traveling with your pet.
    • Our information table includes USA and North American airlines that permit in-cabin travel for small pets. 
    • There's a link to information about pet health certificates.
    • We include info about traveling with service and support animals.
Happy traveling!