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Cute and Tough to Relocate

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Many airlines limit the types of breeds they will ship—especially if the departure or arrival airport temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Mushy-faced breeds such as bulldogs, boxers and Himalayan cats are typically on the no-fly lists because their airways are genetically constricted and these breeds have had problems breathing during flight.

United, American and Delta airlines have all announced limits on the types of animals and breeds they will accept on board. (Links to
United PetSafe

You want your fur baby to be comfortable and safe during a move. "Active duty military who redeploy frequently may wish to consider adopting a pet under 25-inches tall with a pointy nose,” advises Maria, international pet move manager. “Depending on the season, we may be able to get your pet to your destination and not able to fly them out when you need to get to your next duty station. We often work with a buddy who can foster the pet until the temperatures allow air flight for pets.”

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