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Don’t Tranquilize Pets on the Move Advises Air Animal Veterinarian

domestic pet transportation,move my pet,PCS move,pet shipping November 27, 2019

Air Animal advises pet parents not to dose their pets with tranquilizers before a pet move. Tranquilizers affect pets differently than they affect people and the outcome may be unpredictable, says Dr. Walter M. Woolf, Air Animal’s veterinarian owner.

“In pets, tranquilizers dilate the veins and arteries slowing blood flow. They depress breathing. And, they reduce the natural ability to regulate body temperature. All of those responses can cause medical problems during transport. Our pets can’t complain, but they may act frightened or may become aggressive when tranquilized,” he said.

Air Animal recommends asking a veterinarian about a DAP collar for dogs or Feliway cat pheromones. DAP collars and Feliway can help pets in a range of stressful situations: air travel, settling into new homes, fireworks, Christmas, new baby and staying home alone. They may also help prevent or reduce stress-related inappropriate behaviors including excessive barking, destruction/clawing/chewing, house soiling, pacing, trembling, salivating. Re-training may be required to eliminate unwanted behavior. DAP is not usually recommended for hyperactive or aggressive pets.

Thundershirts, another type of calming device, cannot be used on board aircraft. Airlines have prohibited them because they may constrict the pet’s chest and lungs and cause breathing problems during flight.

“We don’t recommend using CDB treats, oils or THC-derivatives either. They can also muddle hearing, vision and balance,” Woolf added.

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Leon, Shetland Sheepdog, New Jersey to Switzerland
Leon, Shetland Sheepdog, New Jersey to Switzerland

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