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Fake Puppies in the Browser Window

domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transport,holiday pet scams,international pet shipping,international pet transport,pet scams November 28, 2018

It’s the gift-giving season, and many put a new pet on their holiday wish lists. We buy everything from clothing to furniture on the Internet, so perhaps it’s natural to search online for a pet. Sadly, it’s often the set-up for cybercrime. The Internet is full of imitators and fraudsters offering cheap Siberian husky puppies, Yorkies, bulldogs, Capuchin monkeys, parrots and other “boutique” animals. "Don’t be fooled by pet scams!" urges said Walter Woolf, VMD, owner of Air Animal Pet Movers, one of the six founders of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association.

A quick online search for online puppy scams returns hundreds of warnings from the IPATA, the ASPCA, the Better Business Bureau and others. They warn online pet scams are increasing “at an alarming rate.”
After you wire the money or send those Amazon gift cards to buy the fake doggies in the window, the scammer asks for more money for refundable insurance, special flight kennels, permits, veterinary testing. Caveat emptor.
“These cyber criminals steal the identities of reputable breeders and pet shippers to appeal to your soft side and steal your money,” said Woolf.
"To buy a pet, talk with the actual breeder. Get to know them. Visit the breeder. Ask questions. Ask for a minimum of three satisfied customer phone numbers and call them. A cyber pet seller will never share the name of the breeder or a telephone contact number," Woolf warned.
Best bets to buy a pet: 
1. Don’t hurry. Thoroughly check their references and reviews. 
2. Get complete details on the proposed shipping company moving your new pet and call them to confirm that they know and work with the breeder before sending money. 
3. Analyze the pet seller’s website. Scammers are known to illegally copy legitimate websites. 
4. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires licensing or registration for every breeder, dealer, pet transporter or carrier. Check their registration with the USDA. 
5. The American Kennel Club hosts an online source for reputable AKC-registered breeders at Having “AKC” in the email address or website name does not guarantee the breeder is an AKC breeder.
There are ways pet lovers can effectively fight back if they have been scammed. Contact any of the following agencies to identify and report pet fraud. There are no free puppies or free lunches. 

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