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Going to Minot

domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transportation,international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transport,PCS,PCS move June 21, 2018

Prepare to drive your pet to a distant airport if you’re posting to or from Minot, North Dakota or Alaska among others.

“Our Air Force clients love Great Danes,” said Jessica, international pet move manager. “When you adopt a large pet, you get a lot of love and more headaches for your move because large 700P kennels will not fit through the doors of the 737s now flying most airline routes,” she counsels. Large dogs must be driven to a major hub to catch a large jet. Then, owners must drive to the destination hub to retrieve their pets.

Pets less than 25-inches tall, paws to the top of the ears, can relocate more easily because their travel kennels fit on most airliners. The largest accepted on the most-frequently used airplanes is a 500p which is 40"Lx27"Wx30"H. Watch our video to learn more about travel kennel requirements. You might also find the 411 on Travel Kennels helpful.

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