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Grants to Pay for Pet PCS

domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transportation,international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transport,PCS,PCS move June 21, 2018

Dogs on Deployment is one of several organization which offer grants to help active duty military E-6 and below relocate their pets. You’ll be asked to provide financial information, orders and other information. Many of our PCS clients have used Dogs on Deployment and paid it forward later by making a donation.

Funding for a PCS move isn’t released until orders are cut. Air Animal’s pet movers know the drill and they know things change because they’ve been there. “Our family was moving from Ohio to Missouri when my dad was redeployed. The moving van had left and we were in the car ready to pull out when Dad got a call. They asked if he wanted to move to Missouri as planned or if he wanted to go to Boston. We went to Boston,” said Deandra, international pet move manager. “We know we have to be flexible because you serve our country and you have to go where you’re needed.”

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