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Holiday Pet Travel—a Dog and Cat Advisory

commercial air pet travel program,holiday pet travel,international pet travel,pet travel September 19, 2022

If you are searching for pet travel options in North, Central and South America or the Caribbean, this article is for you. 

  1. You are responsible for booking your own and your pet’s travel with your chosen airline for holiday, leisure travel and vacations. 
  2. Before you purchase a non-refundable airline ticket or cruise, carefully research the destination entry requirements for your pet. Pet entry is controlled by the destination country regulations and customs officials. 
  3. Pet parents who wish to use Air Animal's international pet health certificate service for pet immigration documents should request the service at least 21 days before departure using our online request form to allow for processing and scheduling a veterinary exam for the pet.
  4. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has suspended dog import and travel from countries with a high risk of rabies. That includes many countries in South America. The process to return to the U.S. from any of these countries with a pet is difficult and extensive. Our blog about the CDC Dog Import Suspension has links you should read thoroughly before traveling with your pet.
  5. Required pet travel health documents vary between airlines and from one destination to another. For example, Hawaii’s protocol requires a rabies antibody test before entry and no quarantine.
  6. Before purchasing a non-refundable passenger ticket for leisure travel, use our list below. Find the airline with the pet travel and acceptance policy that allows you to take your pet as “cabin baggage” in the passenger compartment. Every passenger airline defines the number of pets eligible to fly as cabin baggage, their weight and size, and the permitted breeds and species. You’ll also find that airline passenger cabin policies differ—especially when it comes to the number of pets allowed in the passenger compartment.
  7. This pet travel scenario includes families in the USA who take their pets with them to visit relatives overseas for special life events, weddings, graduations and religious holidays. The common requirements for international pet leisure travel are:
  • An implanted microchip for pet verification
  • A rabies vaccination at least 30 days old but not more than one year old
  • An international health certificate issued by a USDA-accredited veterinarian and validated by the USDA within 10 days of flight. Canada, the Bahamas and Mexico do not require USDA endorsement for entry 
  • Please note: Pets must have a microchip implanted before rabies vaccination when destinations require rabies vaccination documents. If your pet is not microchipped, the veterinarian can insert an International Standards Organization-compatible microchip appropriate for your destination and re-vaccinate the pet.
If you are relocating for job opportunities, career advancement, military PCS or returning to your home county, Air Animal is at your service. Thanks for your time and be safe out there!

We believe in Pet Moving Made Easy®. It’s our focus, our passion and our promise.

Click the table or this link to print or download basic airline pet travel requirements and airline contact information

Air Animal Pet Travel Tip Sheet

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