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domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transportation,international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transport,PCS,PCS move June 21, 2018

We highly recommend using Air Animal’s Destination Pet Express for all active duty military personnel moving pets to Okinawa, Japan; Catania, Italy; and other island posts. Both Japan and Italy have only two or three airports that have Custom’s clearance for pets. That means the pets land and then either transfer to a domestic airline or travel by land and ferry to reach your new post.

These transfers can add $2,500 to $3,500 to the base cost of a move. Air Animal Destination Pet Express handles the details from the airport to your new post home so you don’t have to. “If you’re being stationed on an island, request an estimate online as soon as you get written or verbal orders,” advises Jessica, international pet move manager. “We’ll get back to you in two business days.”

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