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international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet travel August 23, 2023

If you’re traveling or relocating with your pet you may feel you’ve got that down. But, do you know what you have to do to return to the U.S. with your pet? 

The United States Department of Agriculture policy is:

  • Before leaving, pet parents must make sure their pets meet the requirements of the destination country and the United States if returning.
  • Failure to meet the requirements may cause the pet to be refused entry.
  • Health certificates must be legible, accurate, and complete.
  • Taking a pet bird or exotic animal out of the United States may involve multiple agencies. You must meet ALL requirements for each agency before traveling or returning with a pet bird or exotic animal. 

Airlines establish their own policies for transporting pets. Check with your airline or shipping representative to determine their requirements.

For example, many countries only accept appropriately vaccinated, treated and certified dogs and cats. Many don’t accept rabbits from the United States because of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Virus.

Dogs originating from South Africa can only re-enter South Africa if the dog passed specific certified blood tests before leaving the country. Dogs originating from Australia can easily return from the United States if they were microchipped, vaccinated for rabies and passed a rabies antibody test before they left Australia. Those steps can waive the six-month Australian waiting period.

Birds are especially difficult to relocate because bird flu is spreading around the world. Because bird flu is very contagious, many airlines, countries and pet shippers do not accept birds. The USDA is working with other countries around the world to contain the spread. This is difficult because bird flu is largely spread by wild bird migration.

Before traveling or relocating with your pet, check our resource menu for your destination and complete our online request form. We’ll help you know before you go and make a plan.

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