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Leptospirosis Danger for Traveling Dogs

international pet transport,Leptospirosis,pet travel,pet vaccination July 12, 2023

Vaccinate Before You Go Overseas--Leptospirosis is emerging around the world. If your dog is infected it can cause kidney damage, liver failure and even death. Prevention is easy, according to Walter M. Woolf, VMD, veterinarian founder of Air Animal Pet Movers. Vaccination with a booster 14 days later prevents Leptospirosis and protects dogs for 12 months.

“Before traveling overseas with a dog, pet parents should direct their veterinarian to give the leptospirosis vaccine,” said Woolf. “This vaccination is really important for traveling dogs moving offshore. It’s not an emerging disease in the United States. That’s why some veterinarians will tell you that the jab is not needed.

“You don’t want to go overseas with your precious pet and have them become sick because they’ve walked in the woods, splashed in puddles or chased a squirrel through brush. If your veterinarian is reluctant, show them the links to the American Veterinary Medical Association leptospirosis information below,” Woolf said.

Air Animal Pet Movers has helped thousands of families relocate with their pets. They’ve also provided pet health certificates for thousands traveling with their small pets in the passenger cabin.

Leptospira organisms occur anywhere. They are more common in wooded areas and locales with warm climates and high annual rainfalls. Leptospirosis is rare in people. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control advises reducing potential exposure by:

  • Avoiding swimming or wading in water that might be contaminated with animal urine.
  • Wearing protective footwear when walking through the woods or near contaminated water and soil.

The American Veterinary Medical Association offers more information in English  and Spanish .

Special note: If you live in an area inside the U.S. that has experienced flooding, you should vaccinate your dog for leptospirosis.

While traveling with you pets, keep them safe from Leptospirosis by getting them vaccinated before you go.

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