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Meet Aero, Future Super Hero

Air Animal Charity August 11, 2020

This beautiful yellow Labrador retriever named Aero is enrolled in Southeastern Guide Dog preschool and proudly sponsored by Air Animal® Pet Movers.

Charity of Choice

Aero recently went home with her puppy raiser to start her journey toward superhero status! Aero’s volunteer puppy raiser will be spending the next year teaching basic obedience and house manners until Aero is ready to come back to Southeastern Guide Dogs for evaluations and formal training.

Southeastern Guide Dogs serves those who cannot see and those who have seen too much. Southeastern Guide Dogs offer dogs and services at no cost to people who need them across the United States. Their breeding and training facility in Palmetto, Florida is one of the most advanced in the world. They raise and train “elite working dogs that provide life-changing services for people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities and children with significant challenges such as vision loss or the loss of a parent in the military.” Training and caring for one dog for life is a $60,000 investment.

Our staff toured the campus and attended “Beyond the Dark” to understand more about the organization, its mission and its capabilities. Watch our News Blog for occasional Pupdates!