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Moving Pet to the UK? Read this!

move my pet,UK pet import,UK pet importation,UK pet move September 23, 2021

Moving your pet to the UK requires four to six weeks pre-planning at this time.

  • Pets immigrating to the UK must travel air cargo. Airline choices and space are limited.
  • The Animal Reception Center (ARC) at Heathrow Airport in London is booked four to six weeks out. All animals entering the UK through Heathrow must go through the ARC.
There are options to flying into Heathrow. Options add travel time, planning time and may increase cost.

  • We can book air cargo into Manchester or another major European airport. Pet import requirements in that destination will apply. 
  • We can arrange ground transport from major airports to your new UK home.
  • If you are booked to fly before your pet can relocate, we can work with your pet's designated caregiver or can recommend a pet hotel. We will then arrange pick-up and drop-off at air cargo when your pet is booked to fly.
To get started, tell us more about your pet move. A pet mover will be assigned on our next business day. Your pet move manager will email you with their contact and more information about next steps. All of our UK move specialists know the challenges surrounding a UK pet move and they are creative about moving your pet safely to your new home.
Oscar, Shih Tzu, moved from San Francisco, CA to the UK