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Nearly a New Year’s Ball Drop

international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transport,Lufthansa Air Cargo February 15, 2018

A few weeks ago a young man walked into our Tampa office asking to ship his pet from Tampa to Dubai via Paris the next day with a Monday arrival. Well that Monday happened to be New Year’s Day. No way, Jose!

He’d worked on this move for months on his own without realizing that on worldwide holidays passenger airline connections can be undependable. Airlines also often cancel or limit live animal shipments during busy holiday travel times. Our international pet move manager explained everything. With Air Animal’s help, our new client traveled to the UAE as scheduled. His pet stayed with a friend in Tampa and boarded a flight from Tampa to Dubai connecting through Frankfurt the following week. Do it yourself snafu solved.

Our pet movers know the drill. They keep track of holidays, regulations, local customs and details so you don’t have to. Pet Moving Made Easy®. It’s our passion, our focus and your peace of mind.

Photo courtesy of Lufthansa
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