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PCS to Japan, Guam, South Korea and Hawaii

domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transportation,international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transport,PCS,PCS move June 21, 2018

Rabies Antibody Blood Test a Must

If you are active duty military and plan moving your pet with you when your Permanent Change of Station orders come through, make the time to get a rabies antibody blood test (FAVN-OIE). Some of the most-frequent PCS duty stations are in countries that require the test. You won’t need one if you’re relocating to the European Union.

On-base veterinarians can provide the required blood test, which is sent to Ft. Sam Houston for processing. Off-base veterinarians use a lab in Kansas. When you use Air Animal’s app, the test date will be on your phone or desktop so you never lose track of it. You’ll be ready when it’s time to get a pet health certificate for the move.

Special situations
  • If you’re moving to Japan and living on base, the 180 days of pre-export U.S. residence for your pet is waived.
  • If you’re posting to Guam, you can’t take a pet and you can’t get your pet off the island if it is over 25 inches tall—paws to top of the ears. The airline serving Guam limits flight kennel sizes. The largest accepted is 500p which is 40"Lx27"Wx30"H. Watch our two videos to learn more about travel kennel requirements and the 411 on Travel Kennels.
  • For PCS to South Korea, active-duty military may clear South Korean customs without a custom’s broker. That means our affordable Book & Fly rates are an option for you.
  • Hawaii is part of the United States. It's also an island that doesn't have rabies so a FAVN-OIE is required. Beginning Aug. 31, 2018 the at-home mainland quarantine for dogs and cats entering Hawaii will be 30 days from the day the rabies antibody blood test (FAVN-OIE) reaches the testing lab. That’s down from 120 days.
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