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Pet lovers scammed by fraudsters

dog breeder,pet move,pet scams,pet transport,puppy scam February 25, 2016

Internet identity theft and money scams have gotten lots of press over the holiday. The fraud doesn’t stop after the holiday sales stop. The number of phone and online pet purchase and pet rescue scams is increasing every year.

Commit these three red-flag scenarios to memory:

1. Using the internet to purchase a pure-bred dog, cat, parakeet or other animal is not just unwise, it opens up the potential of identity theft. There is no such thing as a pure-bred pet for $200.

2. Sending money for pets by wire makes money disappear, but it’s not magic. Reputable breeders open their doors to prospective pet owners and are registered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ask to see the USDA registration number and check it online. It’s wise to visit, see the facility and get to know the breeder before purchasing a pet.

3. Air Animal has helped thousands of families relocate with their pets since 1977. Unfortunately, scammers copy logos of reputable pet movers like Air Animal, paste them into fraudulent documents and use them to steal from unsuspecting pet lovers. We do not move animals for pet rescues or breeders. Any person or organization selling or “rescuing” animals and requesting relocation fees for “Air Animal” is a scam.

Learn how to report pet purchase fraud to the FBI and see more resources.

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