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Pet Moving During COVID

COVID,international pet move,international pet shipping,pet move during COVID March 2, 2022

COVID has become endemic—health experts agree it is going to be with us for some time. COVID-induced flight cancellations continue to plague passengers and relocating pets. Cancellations and delays aren’t just holiday and weather-related. Airline and air cargo staffing and endemic-related mechanical delays play a role, too.

“We don’t fly the planes. Pets relocate as precious air cargo below the wing in regularly scheduled passenger airlines,” explained Dr. Walter M. Woolf, Air Animal founding veterinarian and CEO.

“When a flight cancels with pets booked below the wing, the pets’ flights are delayed too. Unlike people, delayed pets may need to return to a pet hotel or temporary caregiver while we book new flights. Hanging out at the airport isn’t always feasible.”

“We understand delays and cancellations are frustrating for pet parents. It’s difficult for pets in transit and for the Air Animal pet move managers who move to their plan B--rescheduling pet move bookings.”

During endemic-induced delays Air Animal pledges to:

  • Contact pet parents if a flight cancels or delays.
  • Update pet parents about rescheduled flights and/or temporary pet care arrangements.
  • Assure pets receive adequate water and bathroom breaks or walks. Food is attached to the kennel before flight and small amounts are offered if needed.
  • Encourage pet parents to use the flight tracker in the Air Animal Portal or use online air waybill trackers to follow their pet in transit.

For clients visiting Air Animal offices for health certificate exams we:

  • Provide sanitation stations throughout our offices.
  • Require masks if you’re coming into the office with your pet.
  • Can call you on your mobile if you prefer to wait in your vehicle with your pet until the veterinarian is ready for the exam.