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Pet Moving Made Easy® VIP to Budget Book & Fly

domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transport,international pet shipping,international pet transport,pet move August 30, 2018

Pet Moving Made Easy® is our passion and our promise to you. You may not know that digging the details is in our DNA. Everyone on our pet moving team is a logistics expert at heart. We back them up with an extensive client service system and a new mobile app.

Every client gets to know their pet move manager personally. Our pet movers give clients their office and cell numbers. Clients can communicate—even after business hours--using email or the app.

Clients choose from three service levels. (

  • VIP Door-to-Door is our most popular option. We include residential pickup and delivery at the destination, airport terminal services, commercial airline cargo charges and health certificate reviews.
  • Pet Express works well for clients who can take their pet to the airport before they leave or pick up their pet at the destination airport. It includes residential pickup at origin or destination residential delivery, commercial airline cargo charges and health certificate reviews.
  • Book & Fly serves our budget-minded clients. Book & Fly works best when a friend or family member delivers and picks up the pet on each end of the flight. The basic package includes commercial airline cargo charges and health certificate reviews. Book & Fly clients deliver and pick-up their own pets at the airport cargo offices.

Like flights for people, pet moving costs are based on service level, concierge services requested, the weight of the pet inside the travel kennel and the length of the flight. We post our domestic  and international pricing online along with details about our service levels.

We’re all about the details, clear communication and getting your pet to your new home safely.

Don’t see the information you’re seeking on Our intake coordinators are often available through LiveChat on the website. You can give us a call. If you have details about your upcoming relocation, request an estimate online.When you request an estimate, your pet mover will give you access to our new mobile app.

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