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Ramping up for 2020 Pet Relocations

pet relocation,pet scams,pet shipping,pet shipping service,pet transportation,pet transportation service,pet travel embargo May 13, 2020

We’re getting into the summertime pet relocation season swing—a bit more slowly than usual with Covid concerns still with us. It’s time to call us if you’re considering options to relocate your pet during the next few months. “Every move is unique. Each family’s needs are different,” says Cory Robinette, Air Animal’s COO.

Three major airlines again accept pet air cargo reservations. That’s great news. Those same airlines are also implementing heat embargoes to assure pet safety and health in the northern hemisphere. That means pets can’t fly if the ground temperature at the departure or destination is higher than 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon the breed and the airline. Our pet move managers will be able to create a safe plan to move your pet pal.

Our friends from Britain, Canada and the European Union are beginning to return home. Give us a call early so we can help you get your furry, feathered or scaly pet home. Overseas destinations will require logistical know-how and advance planning. Currently, Air Animal’s west coast U.S. service partner is arranging pet border crossings with pick-up within the foreign trade zone near Vancouver. Toronto, Montreal and all the crossings eastward are closed through June 30.

Pet scammers are very active in the summertime, too. This year the gambit is “get a pet to keep your kids busy or relieve your boredom.” This is fraud. Danger sign #1 too good to be true pricing, There is no $700 Himalayan kitten or toy Husky pup and there never was. They set the hook and then ask for more money. Danger sign #2 you’re told, “We only accept wire transfers or pre-paid gift cards for payment.” Danger sign #3 there is no such thing as an air-conditioned travel kennel. Don’t buy it! If you want a pet, contact an AKC-registered breeder or visit your local animal shelter or rescue group. Check out our Don’t Be Fooled resources and information.

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