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Rescuing Peppi and Mom After Hurricane Ian

domestic pet move,domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transportation,Hurrican Ian October 19, 2022

A man called Air Animal on Oct. 1 the day after Hurricane Ian tore through southwest Florida. He said he used Google to find help for his mother and her pet. Could we help his mother and her Yorkie board a flight to his home in Maryland the following day?

Karin lost her Ft. Myers home, her new car and everything to Hurricane Ian’s storm surge. She and her six-year-old Yorkie, Peppi, survived. They were found by local law enforcement wandering the streets seeking assistance after the storm. Getting Peppi on the airplane with Karin would take some doing. Peppi’s health records were destroyed when the veterinary practice washed away.

Melissa Salazar, one of Air Animal’s dedicated pet move managers, accepted the challenge. “When I got the call, I just knew we had to help her and Peppi,” she said. 

Melissa scheduled Peppi for a Saturday morning pet health certificate appointment at Air Animal’s Tampa office. Peppi received a new rabies vaccination and interstate health certificate along with a soft-sided travel carrier. All of Air Animal’s services were provided free of charge.

Karin and Peppi boarded their flight on time reuniting her with her son.

Ft. Myers Beach after Hurricane Ian
Ft. Myers Beach after Hurricane Ian