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Solving DIY Pet Move Snafus

Delta Airlines,DIY,pet move,pet relocation,pet transportation April 1, 2016

Air Animal Pet Movers has hundreds of satisfied clients who planned their do it yourself pet moves only to be told last minute their airline recently changed its policies about pet transportation. If that happens, don’t panic. Grab your phone and call Air Animal.

Air Animal has moved over 100,000 pets for relocating families moving around the globe. Recent relocations included English bulldogs, a quarter horse, a turtle and several guinea pigs in addition to dogs and cats. Air Animal is an IATA-appointed and endorsed air cargo sales agency working with all airlines that move live animals who are also members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. That assures our clients that we will work diligently to find the best combination of flights to fly pets to their owners safely and securely.
Joe moved from Texas to Ecuador with Air Animal after his owner checked three pet transporter companies.

Air Animal is an indirect air carrier cleared for pickup and delivery of live animals by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. That means, Air Animal proudly offers our a variety of pet moving services across the U.S. and to 163 countries.

Air Animal is a founding member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association and a member of the Animal Transportation Association and International Air Transportation Association which are baselines for reputable pet transporters.

“Airline ticket sales people are not pet move specialists,” advises Dr. Walter Woolf, Air Animal’s veterinarian founder. “They will quote $600 for a pet move, but that price really doesn’t exist because the airline can’t fly your pet on that particular flight. There are many reasons for that. The important thing our “rush DIYers” learn is we know exactly what flights will work and we can make it work—sometimes within seven days depending on their destination.”

Depend on Air Animal’s professional pet move specialists to help you make new arrangements and get your best friend to you as quickly and safely as possible if you:
Misunderstood the destination country’s specific requirements, or
Booked on Delta or another airline that changed your pet’s flight arrangements.

So take a deep calming breath and give us a call. We’ll take it all on. Pet moving made easy®. That’s our passion, our promise and your peace of mind.

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