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Stricter Leishmaniasis Testing Pet Import Rules Spreading

international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transport,international pet travel,Leishmaniasis December 15, 2023

Countries worldwide are toughening pet immigration rules to stop diseases from spreading among animals.

“That’s happening because more people are moving around with their fur babies, and stronger rules protect everyone. The latest expansion is testing dogs for leishmaniasis,” said Walter M. Woolf, Air Animal Pet Movers founding veterinarian and CEO.

Dogs entering South Africa, New Zealand and Australia  need a negative leishmaniasis blood test run no more than 60 days before. Uruguay recently added the requirement. Dogs that have the disease cannot go to these countries.

“Leishmania testing labs are also expanding. The test was only available in Europe. Now it's also offered in the United States,” Woolf explained.

Leishmaniasis can kill dogs. They get it when bitten by a specific type of sandfly. Infected dogs cannot give leishmaniasis to people, but they can pass it to other animals. Symptoms may include skin problems, bloody nose, weight loss, seizures, fur loss, swollen glands, kidney failure, and swollen joints. Dogs with leishmaniasis should see their local veterinarians for treatment and not travel.

Some cases of leishmaniasis have been found in the United States in imported foxhounds and working dogs coming back from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, and Sudan. These places have the most serious cases. People have also gotten skin problems from leishmaniasis after visiting the Eastern U.S. seaboard.

The best way for dogs and people to stay safe is by using bug sprays with DEET to keep sandflies away. Vaccines for dogs are available but they are not highly effective.

REFERENCE: “Hunters hounded as leishmaniasis is diagnosed in Foxhounds.” American Veterinary Medical Association, June 15, 2000.

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