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Summer Too Hot for Pets to Safely Fly Air Cargo

heat wave stops pet air cargo transport,pet air cargo heat embargo,pet travel embargo July 21, 2022

An historic and deadly heat wave is scorching much of the U.S., Canada and Europe, according to The Washington Post. On July 20, 2022 passenger airlines in North America, Europe and the Middle East have all stopped booking pets to fly air cargo.

"It's simply too hot in the Northern Hemisphere for pets to safely fly air cargo until the temperatures are below 85 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) at origin, midpoint and destination airports," said Dr. Walter Woolf, Air Animal's founding veterinarian and CEO. "Air carriers want your pets to travel safely and securely. While humans working on an airport tarmac sweat, dogs and cats do not so they can't cool themselves easily in this beastly heat blanketing the Northern Hemisphere this summer."

Each carrier halting pet air cargo travel sets their own date to renew pet transport. Please go to the airline website to learn more about the date they expect to resume taking pets. At this time, we know the following carriers have temporarily stopped pet transport. 

  • Air Canada
  • Lufthansa
  • SwissAir
  • Air France/KLM

Air Animal will update this list as information becomes available.

These embargos DO NOT affect small pets traveling in soft-side carriers inside the passenger cabin as cabin baggage when permitted by the airline and the destination country. 

Please check our Resources pages for your destination country to learn more. We also have more information about temperature embargoes and banned breeds at

Europe's Heat Wave Map
Europe's Deadly Heat Wave
The Washington Post