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United PetSafe Announces New Policies

domestic pet shipping,domestic pet transportation,international pet shipping,international pet transport,PetSafe,United Airlines May 30, 2018

(May 30, 2018)--United Airlines has announced new policies and customer requirements for pet air transport that take effect June 18, 2018. The full details of the policy, created in consultation with American Humane, are on United’s PetSafe website.

PetSafe service will be limited to cats and dogs that fit in a crate no more than 30” in height.  Dogs that need larger crates will not be accepted. The list of breeds that will not be accepted as PetSafe has also been expanded. Reservations for pets traveling on the same flight as their pet parent will resume June 18, 2018. Reservations for pets traveling alone will resume July 16, 2018.

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