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Active duty military have the option to use a military veterinarian for all required treatments, tests and endorsed pet health certificates for most countries that follow the European Union pet import rules. For example, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom also follow EU protocols. If your PCS is anywhere else, you must have a USDA-endorsed health certificate when leaving the U.S. with your pet.

A pet health certificate is required when returning to the U.S., but USDA-endorsement is not required.

If your posting is to Australia, United Arab Emirates or other non-typical location, call your veterinarian as soon as you receive orders. If your veterinarian is not familiar with the requirements, we can help you through our streamlined pet health certificate service. Air Animal’s expert pet movers will help you follow all the import rules to a “T” because these countries don’t make special allowances for U.S. military personnel. A USDA-endorsed health certificate will be required.

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