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Alma, Arkansas to London, United Kingdom

International Pet Moves January 22, 2018


I left Rory in the care of a close friend, when I moved to England. It broke my heart to have to be separated from him but circumstances wouldn't allow for him to come with me, at that time.

I have had him since his birth, he is a 5yr old, terrier mix and a real goofball. We are the closest of friends! So, when I was able to send for him, we had been apart for a year!
I wanted only the best people working with Rory and I to bring him to me! He had never traveled before and every worrying thought played through my mind.

Michelle and Air Animal took us under their wing. Not only did they take care of all those moving details,they were there to answer any question I had and ease any concerns that cropped up. I was kept informed every moment of the way, they held my hand as my best friend flew for the first time!
They gave me peace of mind, that is hard to come by these days. Knowing he was in the best care, in the hands of professionals that have a heart for animals, made all the difference in the world.
We are spending Christmas together, again!
Denise & Rory
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