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Customer Testimonials

Some Love from Our Clients!

Austin, TX to Greystones, Ireland

International Pet Moves June 29, 2022


My wife Mandy and I, and of course our cat Bow Tie, would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and we would also like to say thank you again for everything you helped with in transporting Bow Tie from Texas to Dublin. One of the most stressful aspects of our international move was getting him sorted out and the service you provided took away a lot of that stress.

Bow Tie is now very settled in our new house and I think the stresses of the move are a distant memory for him now and he has resumed his usual routine of sleeping most of the day followed by being a brat for a little while (repeat cycle ad infinitum). I will have no problem recommending your services to everyone and anyone I know or meet who are looking into doing a pet relocation.

Merry Cchristmas to you, your family, and everyone at Air Animal and we also wish you the very best for the new year ahead.

Nollaig shona mo chara

Brian, Mandy & Bow Tie

Bow Tie behaving in Ireland