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Customer Testimonials

Some Love from Our Clients!

Boston, MA to London, UK: COVID-19 pet move

International Pet Moves August 26, 2020

Riker has three loving pet parents in his corner helping him relocate to the UK.

From Tracey in the UK: Thank you so much Cory you made the whole process from my point of view easy.

I did call the UK agent for a update and he was just about to call me to say he was almost ready to be picked up!

The animal reception centre very efficient even with the COVID-19 process.


From Susan Kane in USA: Tracey said that the people at the Animal Reception Centre were lovely - he was out in less than 4 hours after at least one other dog and two cats from New York who were in the queue ahead of him.  The only issue was that they fed Riker ALL the food that Debbie had packed for him - several days worth!   

Debbie said that the man at BA in Boston was very efficient. Debbie was naturally a bit fussy and worried about all the details and he told her not to worry since he had shipped over 1000 dogs in the time he had been on the job.  She can fill in the details for you once she wakes up.  We were up all night tracking the flight.

Riker made it safely to the UK.  Again, thank you for your assistance.  It worked out well even during the summer and a pandemic!  Susan



I think you have all the news from Susan, but I wanted to add my thanks. All went well in Boston.  We got there about 3:45 and was able to keep Riker outside with us for an hour while they checked him in and taped everything to his crate. I think he was the only dog on that flight. He was kept in an office with the cargo employee until 7:00 when he was taken to the plane. 

The only question BA had was if the fee for his ticket had been paid. I told them to call you for verification. Thanks again for your help and for tolerating questions from all of us. We couldn’t have done this move without your services.