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Customer Testimonials

Some Love from Our Clients!

Brazil to Luxembourg

International Pet Moves November 2, 2021

Meet Mel. This world traveling Boston Terrier moved from Brazil to Luxembourg. Her pet parent lived in Peru and contacted Air Animal Pet Movers before a company relocation. Luxembourg requires a three-month process to import a dog, so Mel moved to Brazil to live with his dad’s mom and wait for the okay to board a plane. Air Animal’s trusted Brazilian service partner, Jerry B, put Mel on a flight from Brazil to Frankfurt, Germany. From there, she traveled by ground reuniting with her pet parent in their new home.

“Hi Cory,

Mel is doing great! We missed her a lot.

Thank you so much for everything and be aware that Jerry has done a great job.

We’ve communicated by phone and Whatsapp messages and his support was amazing. He noted that my mom was concerned about Mel’s departure and send her messages and pictures of Mel when in the airport and also messages when arrived in Frankfurt.

This is more than a simple shipment.

Thank you a lot!