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London, United Kingdom to Seattle, Washington

International Pet Moves January 16, 2017


We have moved our giant Labrador Wallace from London to Seattle recently and the experience we had with Air Animal was amazing. This was Wallace's second flight of his life and we did the first flight from Toronto to London ourselves and it was really stressful. Having Air Animal with us for this move and helping us manage it was a night and day experience! They know their stuff and are thinking about any issues with the transfer from kennel size, border processing and details, timing with your schedule and flights, as well as your pets, to ensure everything runs smoothly and they can react and pivot when things change on your end to ensure your pet is supported and being thought about the whole time. They are on hand to answer any questions and are incredibly responsive (even late at night and across different time zones!) They understand the physical and emotional needs of the pet and made sure that Wallace had time to stretch and relax before getting on the plane and did everything they could to get him to us as quickly as possible on the other side. They gave us tips on how to prepare him before the flight and acclimate him once he has landed with check ins once he had settled in. I was definitely more worried than Wallace was in the end and thankfully I had nothing to worry about :) Your animal is in excellent hands with this service and well worth the investment for your peace of mind and their comfort and safety! Thanks so much you guys xx!

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