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Los Angeles, California to Budapest, Hungary

International Pet Moves October 28, 2016

Elvira, Tinkerbelle. and Beth

Dear Billie,

I've enclosed a collage of pics I took the day after my fur babies got here. Since then they got comfortable and they seem to have adjusted just fine to their new surroundings. Elvira took a nap on my belly - just like she used to - while I was reading earlier today. Tinkerbelle gives me kisses when I pet her and little Beth "talks" to me with her usual squeaky meows.

Thank you so much for everything! You and your team have been wonderful and you all did an amazing job. You are true professionals and caring individuals. I can't thank you enough for sending me updates while the kitties were en route from the US to Hungary. Your emails with updates helped me through those difficult two days. You made me so happy when you sent photos of my babies when they got to Frankfurt.

Thank you for your help reuniting our family!

Warmest regards,
Linda, Elvira, Tinkerbelle, Beth

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