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Mexico City, Mexico to Frankfurt, Germany

International Pet Moves September 18, 2017

Canelo and Gatita    

Dear Cory,     

Thanks, for the photos!
Very nice!
My family is currently on the way to the airport in Brazil.
My wife and the kids are extremely excited to see the pets, tomorrow.
(One might think, they are more excited to see the pets, than myself).

Tonight I am going to have a call with a BGRS manager.
I am going to describe your way of cooperation as best practice.
You are extremely close to the topics and processes and you provide proactively updates and feedback.
I cannot recommend further improvement opportunities.
Your customer focus and professionalism are very good and highly appreciated.
I enjoy very much the way of cooperation.
Thanks, a lot!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards,

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