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Tampa, FL to Harvard, MA

Domestic Pet Moves December 15, 2015


On Friday December 11th we had the pleasure of meeting "Lady" the Labrador as she was traveling from Tampa, FL to her new home in Harvard, MA. Lady's owner was no longer able to care for her. Unfortunately Lady was very confused the day of her relocation. She was scared and unsure about her new surroundings. The Air Animal team was concerned for her, as we all worked together to facilitate this complex move. We asked for an update and received this piece of good news-

"So this is unexpected good news -- I think you just saw Lady at a truly terrible low point in her life. Last night when I picked her up she was kind of in shock.
This morning I took her to our local Veterinarian for a full workup and she was really affectionate with everyone, tolerant of blood draws, hip exams, a tooth exam, etc. She is very attentive to people, and has a really sweet disposition, wants to be petted, wags her tail and smiles, etc.
... Getting her to know the other dogs in the right circumstances will be careful work, but wow, we lucked out -- she is great with people.
So thanks for all your work!"

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