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Tampa, FL to Melbourne Australia

International Pet Moves February 10, 2016

Annie Anzac

Dear Michelle, Dr Woolf and all the staff at Air Animal Pet Movers,

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you all for the care and diligence that was taken to ensure our dear old dog made it safely home to Australia.

Annie was released on Sunday from the maximum security prison that is the new Australian quarantine and bio safety facility in the countryside north of Melbourne.

Of course once we were allowed through the steel doors and barbed wire into the facility the staff were fantastic and had naturally fallen in love with our dog as well. Annie was in good health but has adopted a world weary attitude that implies 'I am pleased to see you but what the heck are you doing to me now!'!!!!

Our house in Canberra is not quite ready for occupation as we wanted to repainted and lay new carpet before moving back in. Consequently it looks like a bomb site. Once again we are treated to 'the look' from Annie. Hopefully by the end of next week our furniture will be in and she can curl up in her smelly old chair and life will be back to normal!

Thanks once again for your care and professionalism.

Regards from Down Under

Michelle, Richard and Annie 

PS the last photo is of Annie soaking wet! We had a 6 hour drive back to Canberra after collection and stopped for lunch at a park that had a pond. Annie immediately jumped in the water and started swimming and chasing ducks!!!!! So obviously completely over jet lag but now we had a wet smelly husky in the car for the rest of the trip!!!! Life with a dog!

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